Monday, June 20, 2011

1 year anniversary

One year ago today I was going through some photo's and found a very old picture of me and my first love. Then thanks to some encouragement from my BFF Erin and Facebook stalking super-sluething I found my now brother-in-law and got the phone number to my now husband.

One year ago tomorrow I heard my husband's voice for the very first time in 6 years. It brought me to tears as soon as I heard and I knew I could never let him go again. After just a few days of talking, turns out he felt the same way.

We got back together and are now married and expecting our first child. 11 years ago I loved this man more than anything on the earth and today, I love him more. It has been an exciting year of ups and downs and many blessings. I cannot wait for the next 5 months to pass so that I can see him holding our son. Then shortly after that we will celebrate our one year wedding anniversary.

Every day, good or bad, I thank God for bringing this man back into my life. After so many years of hurt and abuse and shame, he reminds me that I am worthy of the love he offers. We have our ups and downs just like any other married couple, but at the end of the day all that matters is that I'd rather fight with him than make love with anyone else.

Oh, and to celebrate we are taking off to where it all began 11 years ago tomorrow........ GA!!! So I will be away from the blog for about 10 days but will return with stories and pictures. Have a great week!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

18 Wks and Bedrest

We had our official look yesterday and baby Peanut is a boy!!! We were completely thrilled until my doctor started discussing concerns that my blood pressure is high. I had full blown pre-eclampsia with my first son which caused him to be delivered early. I expected this would happen again but to hear that its happening already I was shocked and scared to death.

My blood pressure was 148/96. Normally my blood pressure runs low so the fact that at 18 wks its already this high is very bad. My dr is very concerned and is currently consulting specialists about my condition. I am sitting in bed with my laptop, season 3 of Las Vegas, and my stitching. I can return back to work on Monday pending nothing bad happens this weekend. But when I do I'm on strict orders to stay off my feet as much as possible. I also have to watch my diet and return to the doctor for a re-check in two weeks.

Obviously other than the given risks at stake, I am incredibly upset at this turn of events in my pregnancy as we have recently planned a trip home to GA that is taking place in 2 1/2 weeks. If my condition doesn't change, doctor will not let me travel. :(

Everyone please play that we can continue being pregnant without further complications and that Peanut will keep cooking until his allotted time!