Monday, April 2, 2012

In Sickness and in Health

We all know the phrase. We all took the same vows. To love our spouse in sickness and in health. Boy have we put that one to the test this year!

It started off last October when our son was born via c-section. If you've ever been so lucky to have one, then you know that for the first couple of days you need help doing EVERYTHING! Walking, showering, going to the bathroom. It all requires assistance while your muscles try to figure out how to function again. My sweet hubs stepped up and completely helped me with these tasks without complaint. I won't lie, I was a little worried about it. He's never had to take care of another person before. And we hadn't even been married a year yet. Was he going to help bathe me without complaint? Would he even be willing to do such a thing? He did and it aided my recovery quickly and I was ever so grateful.

Last week, he decided it was his turn. Wednesday night my hubs came home with very red eyes and saying they were irritated after sleeping in his contacts. Thursday morning he woke up in immense pain and couldn't see ANYTHING. My husband was blind. Cue instant panic. Luckily we found an eye doctor that could get him in so we packed up baby and headed off to the optometrist. He said that hubs was exposed to some chemical and when he removed his contact it took the entire top layer of his iris off. He bandaged up both of my husbands eyes and said to come back in 24 hours. And ordered a Rx for eye drops at the gauging cost of *gulp* $150.

24 HOURS. I had to completely care for my husband in ways that spouses never dream they will have to for 24 hours. Along with having to guide my husband, dress him, feed him, and yes, help him use the restroom, I also had to do all the same things for our 5 month old who decided to teeth and was a BEAST to say the least. At 7pm that night I drugged the hubs with an Ambien, put the baby to bed and enjoyed a big glass of wine along with an entire pan of brownies. Do not judge me. I had to wipe my husbands butt.

Luckily, things did improve so Friday he was down to one eye being bandaged. I got him the nifty black patch at walmart and we proceeded to make Jake and the Neverland Pirate jokes all day. Saturday was even better and as of this morning with the assistance of temporary glasses he is able to see and function all on his own. THANK GOD!

It's amazing the things we take forgranted. And after our experiences in the first 2 years of marriage, my husband and I will forever be able to say we took our vows to heart!

PS It's sad that I had to come to work to enjoy a peaceful cup of coffee and be able to write this blog.