Thursday, October 28, 2010

Favorite Things Thursday!

Well, I have a few things that I'm obsessed with this week. I couldn't choose just one to blog about!

1) Halloween!! I LOVE Halloween. It is seriously one of my favorite holidays. Tonight boyfriend and I are going to carve up some pumpkins. I get all into this craft. Bad like. It will be completely perfect, no stray strings here! He, on the other hand, has not carved a pumpkin since he was a little kid so I'm excited to rub off some of my Halloween spirit on him!

2) With Halloween weekend comes the BIGGEST SEC game of the year for me..... UGA vs UF. I will tirelessly be rooting on my Dawgs all the way out here. Screaming at my tv and all. We have not had a very good season this year, and we notoriously never win against UF, but each year I enter this game with the same optimisim and excitement. We could just possibly win!!

3) It has officially started to snow here. I am STOKED for this winter. More so than any other because I get to share it with my sweet southern boyfriend who has never experienced a Utah winter. And, it gives me an excuse to wear a hoodie every single day. Who doesn't love a hoodie??

Hope everyone has a fantastic Halloween weekend!! I look forward to reading about everyone's trick or treating or partying or whatever!

Monday, October 25, 2010

I Heart Fall

So, fall and winter are my favorite times of year. I love all the cold weather, the beautiful scenery, and yes even the snow. I love to spend these few months buried away in my kitchen cooking and baking yummy creations! In my quest to impress boyfriend with my extreme culinary skills I was googling recipes with pumpkin and came across my new obsession Our Best Bites. I poured over their site for awhile and decided on two of their recipes for the weekend.

First up, the Hot Corn Dip. I have NEVER cooked with an actual onion, much less the peppers they want you to use in this recipe. I am a fraidy cat. But I sucked it up thanks to encouragement from boyfriend and I did!! I cut up my first onion and peppers and followed the recipe exactly.
It came out absolutely fabulous!!! We both loved it! I could not believe I actually ate something and enjoyed it knowing there was peppers and onions in it. I HIGHLY recommend this recipe and will definitely be using it more often.

After munching on that for the afternoon and some yummy potato soup for dinner I tried out another recipe from my new obsession, the Easy Apple Dumplings. My house smelled AMAZING when this was baking!

And even better!
I was so impressed by how easy both recipes were but they came out looking and tasting like they took a ton of time! Boyfriend and I pigged out all weekend on all the yummy goodness and I can't wait to try more recipes out!

If you love to cook and bake like I do, then I definitely recommend popping on over to Our Best Bites to check out what they have to offer. They are always introducing new recipes as well. I already have my eye out for my next adventure in the kitchen with them!

Other than my kitchen experiments, our weekend was relatively boring. I agreed to a Halloween movie marathon and have now seen almost all of the lovely Michael Meyers movies. Go figure that we watch 4 of them only to find out there are 3 more we missed. Yay. Hopefully, he won't make me watch anymore of them after I scared him with my screaming and freaking out Lol.

Just to end, here is my awesome helper in the kitchen who not only enjoyed the yumminess with me, but also did the dishes!
Hope everyone has a great week!!!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Huge Changes Going On

Happy Saturday all!! So I have had quite the changes since I returned home to Utah.

First, I came home to see that my Chrysler store is almost completely up and running!! I'm very excited about this. The front facia of our store is getting painted next week and our arches should be up. After that we can officially start to receive our cars in. This will obviously be very good for my bank account as winter is upon us here which equals truck season!!

Second, as of this past Thursday boyfriend is now a Utah resident!! After 8 days apart he got to talk to the proper people and was told it was ok to come out here and live with me!! On the 9th day he was here! I still can't believe it. Having him here to actually FINALLY get to be a normal couple is amazing. We've already made trips to walmart, cooked dinner, and gotten to just enjoy coffee and tv on the couch. Today we're going to my friend's son's birthday party. I'm also going to take him up the beautiful mountains here to see what this great state is all about!

Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend and I'll catch up with you all next week!!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Seven Days

I've been back in Utah almost a week now and finally getting around to blogging about my trip. I got to spend 7 days with boyfriend FINALLY!!!! I have waited 10 long years for this moment right here I surprised him at work as soon as I got to town on Tuesday and it was priceless. We both kept smiling and looking at each other in awe. That night we hung out until 1am and I can't even describe how magical it was. We got to spend every single night that I was there together. We even got to actually spend the weekend together. Falling asleep and waking up in his arms was THE BEST!! I am holding on to those feelings as tight as I can until I get to have them again.

Monday night was obviously the hardest. Saying goodbye was emotional for both of us. We both cried and held each other for hours. Boyfriend spent a few years in the Navy and Monday night he gave me his dogtags and asked me to take very good care of them. I have worn them every day since I left him and I plan on wearing them every day until he and I can be together again.

Even through our tears we still take cute pictures!!

Ironically, while I was shopping with my mom on my last day in town I heard a Kenny Chesney song off his new album called Seven Days and it fits perfectly for my trip. If you haven't heard it, check it out on YouTube.

All in all, the whole trip was so much better than either of us expected. I am more in love with him than I could've ever imagined being. I cannot wait to spend the rest of my life with him.

We have a big day coming on Wednesday and without going into details, if everyone could please send up some prayers for us they are greatly appreciated!! Hope everyone has a great week!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

At Last

I finally made it home to the love of my life...

And things could not be better.

Just a couple quick pictures to keep everyone posted. I'll blog about the entire event once I return home to Utah.