Saturday, January 29, 2011

TGIF and a Send Off

I have to start this blog by saying that I could not wait for Friday to get here. Seriously, it has been one of THOSE weeks at work. And even though I love my job I needed a break. It didn't hurt that we had plans for the last two weeks to see Royal Bliss again.

Last night was their last show in Utah for the next few months while they're touring across the country. I know all of us bloggers are spread all over the country so check these guys out on their Facebook page and see if they are coming to a town near you! They are absolutely worth the trip!

Us on our way to Liquid Joes

Dwayne, rockin' guy from GA

Neal, Lead singer

Taylor, Lead guitarist we met at our first Royal Bliss show

Me and Dwayne after the show

New Royal Bliss CD signed by all 3 guitarists
As you can see we had another amazing time. These guys do not disappoint AT ALL! Also, they post weekly webisodes on YouTube and they are hilarious. Check them out!! Royal Bliss, be safe on the road and can't wait to see you again when you get back to Utah!

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  1. Going to a place named Liquid Joe's you just know you're in for a good time!