Monday, November 14, 2011

4 Weeks and a Meltdown

I have become the world's worst blogger since baby William entered our household. Its not really for lack of time but more lack of anything super interesting to blog about.

Today marks baby's 4 weeks of life. Thursday he will officially be a month old. I cannot believe it has gone by so fast!!!! I think I snuggle him enough and try to embrace every smile and smell, but its still flying right past me. I am however super excited to have his first Thanksgiving next week and to get to enjoy that as our little family.

We had our first mommy meltdown moment last night in the middle of the night. After about two nights of no sleep, this mama was on the edge. Throw in a baby who screaming bloody murder trying to poop, and you have two crying people in the bed at 2am and a poor husband who has absolutely no idea what to do with either one of us.

Luckily, baby popped and finally fell asleep and life was calm again. But it confirmed in me that something was wrong with my child. I called his pediatrician first thing this morning only for his idiot  nurse to tell me that my son just has colic and that I need to wait it out for the next month. Are. You. Kidding. Me. I really hate when dr's treat you like you have new mommy syndrome (aka you have no idea what is wrong with your child). I know the difference between being fussy and freaking the crap out. We immediately switched pediatricians. Luckily, I also had my 4 wk checkup with my midwife and she checked over baby and confirmed my suspicions. His current formula was too hard on his poor tummy so we switched him to a sensitive Enfamil. We're three feedings in with the new stuff and dad and I can already tell a difference in our precious baby. Lets just hope he keeps up his sweetness and allows mommy to sleep tonight!

I know alot of my bloggy friends gave birth to sweet babies as well right around the time William was born and I hope everyone is doing well and healthy. And just because I doubt I'll have anything blog worthy before then, Happy Thanksgiving!

Baby enjoying his new bouncy seat

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