Sunday, December 5, 2010

Christmas Kick Off

Last night we had our annual company Christmas party. I went all out this year. New dress, got my hair did, and booked us a hotel room so we could both enjoy the benefits of free booze. My adorable boss gave me a hint that there was going to be a big announcement made at the party so as to make sure I was there to hear it. I was, and luckily I had already had a few drinks so I took the news with a happy face. I now have ANOTHER new car franchise to take care of. We are adding Mitsubishi to our Suzuki store. Thanks to the alcohol, here is me and my adorable boss after the big news!
We continued to party on and I even got boyfriend to dance with me. We did have some party crashers in the form of a bride and groom, but in true Greek fashion, our owners welcomed them with open arms and even danced with the bride!
We also had some fun raffles and giveaways and a crazy Christmas sock contest! One of our VW sales managers and his wife made their creative socks and won the contest
All in all, we had a great evening!! I work for a wonderful company that really takes care of their employees. I hope everyone else had a fantastic weekend and I look forward to hearing about everyone's Christmas activities!!