Sunday, March 27, 2011

Have you ever tried to reason with a seahorse?

Yes, my days are now filled with trying to reason with the small person growing inside of me. Peanut (as he/she is affectionately called in our house) has officially grown to one inch in size and is a HUGE pain in my rear! Lol

I love my child, don't get me wrong. But I would also really love to eat, drink, sleep, and have control of my own bodily functions again. We barely made it home from a trip to Walmart the other day before Peanut decided he no longer like the popcorn I had as a snack. Did I also mention I can smell when the people three miles down the road fart? Well, I can.

I have one more month to beg and plead with my little one to just let me keep down basic nutrients and it cannot go by fast enough! I'm ready to get into the fun and glowing part of pregnancy where I can actually enjoy it and marvel at my little wonder. But for now, everyone just please say a prayer that Peanut will give his mommy a good day!

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