Friday, July 1, 2011

A Trip Home

Hubs and I just got back from 8 wonderful days in GA with our families. We had a blast and enjoyed some amazing food that you can only get in the south. I was in heaven. My dr is probably going to freak at my weight gain next week at my ultrasound!

While we were there MIL threw us an amazing baby shower. We did get a few gifts but mostly gift cards which were much appreciated since we were traveling. Even what little we did get in actual gifts cost us over $50 to send USPS regular post.

This weekend holds nothing exciting for us even though it is the 4th of July. We will be complete homebodies and resting. My body is still on GA time and wakes me up ready for the day at 5am. Not cool. I will leave you all with some pictures and hope everyone has a wonderful and safe holiday weekend!

21 wks pregnant

Our incredible cake!! The top layer was vanilla and the bottom chocolate

VERY excited about some UGA stuff for baby

Me with two of my closest friends

Family Photo w/ SIL, BIL, Grandmama, hubs and me

All Baby William's loot
Me, my mom and my son

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  1. Hey Lady! I haven't been blog stalking alot recently but I was thinking about you today, and wanted to stop by and say hello. You look fabulous! I Hope all is well!! :)