Saturday, October 16, 2010

Huge Changes Going On

Happy Saturday all!! So I have had quite the changes since I returned home to Utah.

First, I came home to see that my Chrysler store is almost completely up and running!! I'm very excited about this. The front facia of our store is getting painted next week and our arches should be up. After that we can officially start to receive our cars in. This will obviously be very good for my bank account as winter is upon us here which equals truck season!!

Second, as of this past Thursday boyfriend is now a Utah resident!! After 8 days apart he got to talk to the proper people and was told it was ok to come out here and live with me!! On the 9th day he was here! I still can't believe it. Having him here to actually FINALLY get to be a normal couple is amazing. We've already made trips to walmart, cooked dinner, and gotten to just enjoy coffee and tv on the couch. Today we're going to my friend's son's birthday party. I'm also going to take him up the beautiful mountains here to see what this great state is all about!

Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend and I'll catch up with you all next week!!

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