Monday, November 15, 2010

Making an Attempt

I know, I have been down right horrible about blogging lately. That is really just because nothing fun and exciting has been going on here.

Boyfriend is working so that has been great. Not that I need his paycheck, but getting him out the house and keeping him from being bored to death definitely helps retain my sanity.

I have been working nonstop. We have finally gotten our Chrysler franchise back and our new cars/trucks are starting to arrive daily!! I love it!! The excitement of being apart of this is just incredible. We all get tickled everytime one of those 2010's pulls up the driveway.

Most heartbreaking news, my laptop died. It's gone. Complete motherboard blow out. I have yet to purchase a new one as A) I have absolutely no idea what I want B) with it being so close to Black Friday I'm holding out to see who has the best deal and hopefully score a good one super cheap.

Other than that, we are excited to spend our first "grown up" Thanksgiving together. I'm going to be preparing all the fixin's for just the two of us. Can't wait!!! And I've already discovered Christmas movies on the Hallmark channel which only gets me more in the mood for Christmas. Now if mother nature would just cooperate and give me LOTS of snow, I'd be all set!

Hope everyone has a great week and I look forward to reading what everyone else has been up to and I'm open to all suggestions on the laptop!

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  1. "The only reason we had to take pre-marital classes was to get married at the chapel on the base. Other than that, I didn't know they were "required". As far as the wedding, do the medium and be done! Everyone says they'll do a vow renewal or reception later but the military usually finds some way to make that not happen. Then before you know it you've been married 5 years and never really got what you wanted."

    Thanks so much for the comment! We still haven't figured out exactly what we're going to do, but we're getting closer to making a decision. Everyone's comments have been so helpful, so thank you for taking the time to write :)

    Bummer with your laptop. Mine overheats like crazy and it is super slow so it looks like were in the same situation.

    I hope you have a great rest of your week. Consider me your newest follower!