Thursday, November 11, 2010

Thankful Thursday

Well, I'm going to jump on the bandwagon a little as I see some of my favorite Army Wives have already blogged about today, but I just can't help it!

Today, I am so very grateful for the Veteran's in my life, past and present. My father served as an Officer in the USAF for over 20 years and raised me to respect our country and our service men and women in a way I've never seen from anyone else.

My brother was in the USMC for almost 10 years and served in the Gulf War. I'll never forget the day he shipped out as I lost my very first tooth. Deployments were alot different back then. No emails or phone calls. We literally went weeks and months without hearing from him and having to stalk the mailbox everyday.

I was previously married to two Airman as well, one of whom I survived a deployment and countless TDY's with. Being a deployed spouse and constantly living with the fear of the unknown but having to put on a brave face taught me a whole new love for this country and the families who have gone through that alot more frequently than I do.

I am now currently back together with my high school sweetheart who after graduation joined the US Navy. He only did a short tour but was privileged to be a member of the USS Roosevelt.

My life has always had numerous veterans, young and old, in it and they have all taught me something unique and special. My Godfather was a Ranger in the US Army and received a purple heart in Vietnam. I can remember sitting in his lap as a child and feel his tears on my face when he would tell me about the friends he lost.

I saved my very special Veteran for last, Ben. Ben was in the US Army stationed at Fort Gordon in Augusta, GA when we met my senior year of high school (2001). We only got to briefly date, but today and always he carries a special place in my heart. He deployed to Afghanistan just before all the exciting events of one's Senior Year start to play out. The night of my prom I received an email from him telling me he bet I would be the prettiest girl there. It meant the world to me that worlds away and in a dangerous war zone, he remembered something as trivial as my prom. He was always good at remember the little things that were monumental events in my life. My senior prom, graduation, 18th birthday. Then, Christmas of 2002 Ben was killed in action. To this day I can close my eyes and remember exactly how cold it was and how the wind felt stinging my wet face standing on the tarmac with his mother watching his flag drapped coffin come off the plane. Today especially, I tell his story because he was an incredible man and I hope he is never forgotten for the sacrifice he made for his country.

If your out tonight and see some of our wonderful military members and their families enjoying a free dinner provided by one of the fabulous establishments who chooses to do so, thank them. It may only be with a smile or a handshake, but just take a moment to let them know their service doesn't go unnoticed. And before you go to bed tonight, pray for them and their family and all those who aren't here tonight to enjoy this holiday. I know I will.

Before I sign off, a huge thank you to my very best friend, Erin, and my new e-friend, Sam, who have husbands in the US Army and continue to sacrifice by seeing off their loved one for extended lengths of time and live that military life.

Happy Veteran's Day

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  1. Thanks for the shout out lady... and remembering (everything) even though schools and car dealerships choose not to! ;)