Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Suffering From Exhaustion

Driving to work this morning I was listening to my favorite station and they were telling about Demi Moore being hospitalized. Now, I'm not completely heartless and I do feel bad that she's sick but the phrase they used got me to thinking. They said she has a substance abuse problem and is SUFFERING FROM EXHAUSTION. Does that phrase sound familiar to anyone else? It seems like everytime a celebrity is hospitalized that phrase pops up. Huh???

Now, I'm half the age of this particular celeb and alot younger than alot of others I've heard have been hospitalized for this same thing. Is this a serious problem? As you all know I have a now 3 month old at home. Not only that, but my dude has decided to out do big brother and is teething. Not just one, but three. My child has THREE TEETH! Two on the bottom have not broken through yet but are clearly there and one on the top has actually broke the skin. All of my fellow mommy bloggers know exactly what this means. I AM GETTING NO SLEEP. And not just that, but he is constantly cranky and it seems like only mommy's arms make him happy.

On top of the no-sleeping-cranky-baby I also work a full time job and has a husband that just started a brand new job 15 minutes away that I have to get up and drive him to every single morning at 6am. Am I suffering from exhaustion? Maybe I should check into the hospital? Think it'd get me any time off work? I mean, I did try to put my face wash soap in my hair this morning and use creamer in my cereal instead of milk? Maybe I'm also suffering from this apparently very serious disease and don't know it!!!

I'm not trying to downplay anyone's illness and I do wish Demi a speedy recovery. But come on! Celebs live the high life. If they have young children 95% of them have nannies that help them constantly. Most of them don't even have children living at home anymore because they're grown. So how in the world are they suffering from exhaustion? Can anyone help me understand this?

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