Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Teen Mom. Ok or Not Ok?

First off, I will openly admit I am completely obsessed with the MTV shows, 16 & Pregnant, Teen Mom and Teen Mom 2. And I religiously stalk my favorite blogger, The Ashley,  for the latest and greatest on these shows and a few others. If you have never seen her blog, reality tv fan or not, you HAVE to check it out. She is absolutely hilarious in her writing style and will have you rolling!

I get that when the these shows all started MTV was trying to make a statement about teen pregnancy as it is a growing issue. But, lately it seems like all the positive they have tried to show is being outdone by all the negative. Jennelle (Teen Mom 2) was arrested AGAIN today for harrassing phone calls. She's been arrested numerous times in the past for various other things.

Amber (Teen Mom) is currently sitting in jail (and has been since before Christmas) until her court hearing on Jan 13th and has lost custody of her daughter as well as her home. Luckily baby daddy Gary is able to have full custody and take care of the baby.

Maci (Teen Mom) was actually one of the mom's I admired. She had her own place to live, went to school and seemed to take very good care of herself and her son. She was recently thrown out of a Disney hotel for being public drunk and disorderly. Yes, being part of Teen Mom she is under the age of 21. And she was at Disney for crying out loud!

My question to you is this, is it ok for MTV to keep airing these shows? Yes, I get that MTV is racking up the ratings with people (like my hubs) who watch only to make fun of these train wrecks, but seriously? Where do you draw the line? The show is no longer about the difficulty of being a teen parent but of now seeing how much trouble one of these mom's can get in to. They have even aired court appearances as well as arrests. Personally, I think if you continue to get in trouble with the law, then you should get kicked off the show. Or take it off all together! Yes, I would be sad about this but they have an aresnal of other reality tv shows that would be much better suited for air time. Why not bring back the wonderful Engaged and Underage??

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  1. Macy got in trouble?!?!! And don't forget about leah being knocked up again!