Friday, January 27, 2012

Falling Apart

At age 14 weeks and 3 days.

At least, that's all I could think when we were sitting in the dr's office last night hearing everything that is WRONG with our child. Enter massive dose of wine and chocolate topped off by happy pills for this mommy.

We visited our pediatrician again last night in the hope he will finally do something about baby's congestion. Its been going on for over a month now and all I keep getting told is to wait it out because he's too little for meds. While I did get this answer again, I did get to leave with some clarity, confidence, and a BBG machine. For those of you unfamiliar with the wonders of the BBG machine it is basically a vacuum with a tube attached and the tube goes up your babies nose to suck out all of the snot. Welcome to the wonderful world of mommyhood.

With the congestion baby has a badly swollen nose and a ton of drainage. He also has bad dry skin, craddle cap and a yeast rash on his neck from slobbering due to teething while he's sleeping at night. Cue $100 bill at WalMart on Aveeno lotion for the dry skin, baby oil for the craddle cap, Rx for the yeast rash, saline drops to assist the BBG machine, Tylenol because its the only thing we can give him, and basic other items for baby.

The only positive thing from the appointment is his lungs are perfect and there is no RSV or pnuemonia on the horizon!! I am in for one fun weekend! Wish me luck!


  1. UGH!!! I just posted about how Holden has pretty much been sick with SOMETHING since birth! Last week it was Croup! FUN FUN!! Hopefully we will both have some happy healthy babies soon!!

  2. And ummmm, how was I not following your blog before now...WEIRD!!!