Thursday, August 19, 2010

Favorite Things Thursday!

Still new to the blogging world I've noticed a trend with bloggers that they set aside one day a week to talk about the same topic. I have chosen mine after much debate and struggle and have decided on Favorite Things Thursday!! Each Thursday I will share and talk about one of my favorite things.

To kick off this awesomely amazing Thursday I'd like to talk about one of my favorite breakfast foods: eggs. If you've seen the news recently you've probably heard about the 338 Million eggs being recalled for salmonella. Yes, unfortunately, I had one of those cartons.

Tuesday morning I got up earlier than normal to make myself my favorite thing with eggs, eggs benedict. I recently read on a health website that this is actually one of the better breakfasts you can have for yourself when trying to lose weight, such as I am. Unfortunately no more drowning it in hollandaise sauce :( Nevertheless, I made my scrumptious breakfast and proceeded to get ready for my day.

After about an hour at work I was definitely not feeling so hot. This lasted well into the night and I was pretty sure I would've taken death over to continue feeling so miserable. Yesterday morning trying to recover from my post-puke hangover I logged on to check my email and read the story covering the Yahoo homepage. There it was in print, the name of the only type of eggs I buy. Took myself and my eggs down to the health dept, got tested and put on antibiotics and seriously debated eating eggs (which I love) ever again.

Tune in next week for hopefully a more positive Favorite Things Thursday!


  1. Hey Angie! Sorry for the delay in a response, hubs and I were out of town this weekend. I'm from Orlando, FL originally and went to school at UF. :) Hope to see you around the blog, and I'll be reading yours too!

  2. No problem!! I'm still getting used to the blogging thing but so far I'm loving it!