Sunday, August 22, 2010

Science 1, Me 0

In the name of science, I now live in the worlds stinkiest apartment. I made rice crispie treats this morning and didn't have a pan to place them in so I grabbed a spoon and ate the gooey mess right out of the bowl. I know, healthy right? It was so yummy though that I had the bright idea to put some of it in a smaller bowl and place them in the microwave to see if I could recreate the gooey yumminess.


Had I not left it in there for such a long time and left the apartment to get my ipod out of the truck, it would not have been such a fail. But I came back to a God awful smell and smoke EVERYWHERE. I set the marshmellows on fire in the microwave. I am a super genius.

Three hours later the smoke has all cleared, the microwave needs to be scrubbed and the apartment smells like burnt plastic. And I had to throw out one of my favorite bowls on top of it all.

Science 1, Me 0

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