Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Ok, so I know I'm still new to this blogging thing but I really just need to get really personal about some stuff that has been going on because if I don't let it out I might A)explode B)punch someone in the face C)get fired for cussing someone.

A couple months ago I actually rekindled a romance with my high school sweetheart. Yes, that was 10 yrs ago. He was my first love, first kiss, first boyfriend, first THAT, first everything basically! Lol. He (we'll leave it at B) actually broke up with me after almost two years together because he thought he wasn't good enough for me. I had goals and ambitions and at the time he wanted to smoke pot. Wasn't a big deal to me. I was devastated when we broke up. Nevertheless, over the last ten years he has contacted me a few times at random, the last time being about 5 yrs ago right after the birth of my son. I was married at the time and our contact did not last very long.

On Father's Day this year I was feeling nostalgic and put on the sappy cd, got out the wine, and dug into my chest through all my old pics. I came across one particular album full of pics of me and B. It made me really think and reevaluate the relationships I've had since our breakup. I held said pictures in my hands and cried for hours. It really dawned on me that I didn't even marry a man who loved me as much as B did when we were kids. It made me very sad and by the end of the day I had made up my mind to contact him. After some stalking searching on FB I found B's older brother and messaged him asking if he could put us in touch. After a couple messages the next day back and forth my wish came true and I held B's cell number in my hot little hand. Called him right up!! No matter that it was midnight in Georgia. Left him a voicemail and prayed for the best.

Long story semi-short we ended up talking the next day and as soon as I heard his voice a ton of emotions hit me like a brick. I had alot of unresolved feelings for him. It did lead to us getting back together and both of us still had alot of love for each other. We have now been back together for almost two months.

SO the point of this whole actual blog. B has not been the perfect person. No one is. I don't expect it. We all make mistakes. Last Thursday I get a call from his roommate on my way to work telling me that the DNR (dept of natural resources) has picked up B and hauled him off to jail. Yes, you are reading this right, I said it, my boyfriend went to jail. Not something either of us is proud of, but just wait until you hear why.

B and I are from a small town in GA so since we all know everyone I was thinking I would at least be able to find out why he was taken off to county lock up. Not so much. I bet I seriously made 20 calls to people and no one could seem to tell me why my boyfriend was sitting in a jail cell. Did find out however that he wasn't alone. His father was with him. Finally late in the evening B is finally booked and charged. Are you ready for this one. His big charges that have kept him in jail ALL DAY.... Hunting without a license and Hunting on Private Property. He was being charged with something that happened November 2009. No, I cannot make up the stupidity of the situation. It gets better.

The next day B finally see's the judge and gets a $5,000 bond over these charges. ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME?!?!? I was furious. After talking to an incredibly nice person at the county jail I find out the reason behind this is because dear 'ol dad had a bench warrant for his arrest for failing to appear and like father/like son, B is being held accountable (with no actual reason) and deemed a flight risk.

I finally got a phone call from B and he was stressed and upset. Call lasted all of 6 1/2 seconds. Not what I was hoping for after my full blown panic attacks while trying to figure out how to get him out of jail. His mom was being of no help. Due to bailing him out of jams in the past she wanted to leave him there. Now, I love this woman just as much as I love my own mother so it really upset me to hear those things from her. I was really coming close to a full blown nervous breakdown by Saturday morning.

By Saturday morning (and talking to every bondsman in GA) I was lost and had no idea how I was going to get him out of jail. Maybe by the power of love or prayer, my phone rings and its his mother. She is willing to bond him out. THANK YOU GOD!! She has plans for the morning that she's going to go ahead and do, but then she'll get him out. Boyfriend will not spend another night in that awful place. I could not have been happier. I call the jail and luckily bribe ask nicely and get him allowed to call me again. We finally get a real conversation. Boyfriend realizes that I'm trying to get him out. He is relieved and once again optimistic. Finally at 10pm B walks out of the jail!!!!! I was about to cut cartwheels I was so happy. I seriously did not feel the sort of emotion that I felt when ex hubs came home from Iraq. Guess that goes to show how much love I have for this man.

Saturday night was one of the most amazing nights in our relationship. Even though we are seperated by miles (temporarily) this whole experience has somehow strengthened our relationship. He has said several times that now he realizes just how much I really do love him and how much he loves me. After all his time to think he knows that we are meant to be together. I am his very best friend and he wants to grow old along side of me. (Sorry for the gushing!!)

I finally get past all that stress and then work comes into play. People are cranky, mean and downright rude. I'm really tired of it. I work so much that when I take a day off during the week and don't work to make it up, when payday rolled around I still had all my hours plus hours of overtime. How is that possible when I literally skipped out on an full 8 hr day?? I work WAY too much. My job has become my life. I am surrounded by negativity when we just came off the best selling month we've had all year. WHY?!?! Why is everyone just not on top of their game because we all sold alot of cars and we all made alot of money? Whey does everyone have to go right back into being in crappy moods and fighting with each other? Yes, I'm going to say it, why can't we all just get along?? Never gonna happen. Can I work at Disney World? Surely the happiest place on Earth would at least be a positive environment to work in???

Ok, its quite possible that this blog will not make sense to anyone but me and I guess that's probably ok. I just really needed to vent about the idiocy that locked my sweet man up for three days and the crappiness that has become a job that I used to love going to everyday. I know we all have off days/weeks but it's just become a little overwhelming this week. I feel very angry ALL the time. I have prayed for more patience (I must be at my max), and for some positive energy to come into the lives of my coworkers. I'm hoping that the next two days can hurry by so that I can have some relaxing time in my home with wine and my other boyfriend, Edward. (Hello my name is Angie and I'm addicted to all things Twilight). Maybe that can give me some peace to move forward and get through the next few months until I can get back to GA and put my arms around the man I love.

Until next time, I am sending you all an E-hug for those of us who are all in the boat of just needing our man to put his arms around us and make everything disappear, but can't due to seperations. I admire you all. You are strong women that I look up to every single day.

Take Care,

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  1. This is what blogging is for! I am so glad everything worked out! Now just to get those people at work in line!