Friday, August 6, 2010

Ode to a three day weekend

Well, I officially have a three day weekend (unexpectedly). I have decided to follow in the footsteps of my inspiring friend, Erin, and start running. Being as out of shape as I am I am starting with walking then working my way up to jogging and hopefully participating in a half marathon with her next March.

I started yesterday with a nice walk in the morning that was almost 2 miles surrounding my apartment complex. I felt great afterwards and was very much so looking forward to repeating this process every day but Sunday. (Gotta have a day of rest somewhere) Then after about an hour or so at work I noticed this incredibly sharp pain in my heel. Putting any sort of pressure on it just about made me cry. I thought it was just soreness so I ignored it and continued on with me day. I woke up this morning and couldn't hardly even walk. Got in to the Dr and after X-rays found out I have a bone spur on my heel. Therefore I earned myself a three day weekend and 48 hours off my foot. Obviously, this is not completely possible as a single woman having to care for myself. Its times like these, I do miss having a husband. :(

On a quick side note, what in the world did we EVER do in waiting rooms without cell phones? Granted my wait was not very long in the small, square room waiting to hear the results of my x-rays but had it not been for my lovely Iphone and the Yahoo Messenger App that allowed me to chat with friends I would've been crawling the walls!!! We have become a completely technology reliant society and it amazes me to think that not that many years ago we didn't even have text messages.

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  1. that's horrible!!! I'm not a runner. I feel running is for being chased. But it works for a lot of people, and even more bloggers. Good luck. I hope there is something they can do about your bone spur.