Thursday, August 26, 2010

Favorite Things Thursday

Before I run off to work I wanted to blog about one of my favorite things that is also related to my job... the 2011 Audi S5.

Yes, this is one very expensive car that I will never be able to afford, but I do LOVE IT!! I had the amazing opportunity to drive this vehicle before we placed it on the showroom floor and I was in heaven. This car comes equipped with a sport suspension, xenon headlights, bluetooth, dual exhaust and the best feature.... 354HP and top speeds of 155MPH!!!! Now, before I worked here I knew nothing about Audi, VW, or any German engineering. Now that I have had the opportunity to get behind the wheel of some of the models that Audi produces. I am in LOVE!!! (And no, I am not trying to sell anyone a car) This is just my personal opinion of this amazing piece of machinery. If you ever get the chance to drive anything made by Audi, I highly suggest you take the opportunity. It is the most fun and smoothest ride I've ever driven.


  1. it's official I hate your job... which i'm sure by now you've learned means I want to kill you and take your job! ;)

  2. Lol!!! I do have some awesome perks of the job that make the stress worth it.