Thursday, September 9, 2010

Favorite Things Thursday!

On this rainy Thursday here in Utah I just have to come right out and express my love for the internet. Yes, the internet. Without it I would be completely lost. What in the world did we all do before this crazy invention?

Thanks to the internet I have met some really amazing people and some are my fellow bloggers. One in particular who has been there for me through some of the worst times of my life. Over the summer we actually got the chance to meet in person and she's just as amazing as I always knew she would be. She will definitely be a lifelong friend of mine. And its the internet that keeps us connected through PCS's, moves, and whatever life brings our way.

The internet is also what allows me to do my job. It's the basis for it actually. I sell cars over email. The internet has become to play a huge roll in the way car dealers do business now a days. In the last month I have taken several classes on this new way of selling and it is fascinating to me the way social networking has impacted the car business.

Last but not least, the internet just provides all around GREAT entertainment!! We can shop online, book trips, see photo's of friends who are thousands of miles away, and even reconnect with long lost loves or find new ones. It's amazing the things that are at our fingertips each and every day.

Enough of my random internet rant. Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!! Gooo Dawgs!!


  1. thanks for the mention... oh yeah that's right... YOU DIDNT MENTION ME.

    But thanks to the interwebs we also get to keep each other from harming ourselves or others out of boredom. =)

  2. I did too mention you! Are you not a fellow blogger? Lol