Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Traveling Blues

Ok, so I'm a little irritated. With my upcoming vacation plans I've been trying to figure out how to avoid paying $25 each way to check one stupid suitcase. So my mom and I came up with the genius idea to mail some of my stuff and just take a carry on bag. I dug out my luggage set yesterday to figure out what I need mail and pack and get organized. In doing so I found a duffel bag I had forgotten about. After researching Delta's website it came to my attention that my unused, expensive duffel bag is 3 inches too big to be considered a carry on. WTF?! Why? Why does everything have to be so expensive and difficult? I could easily manage everything I need for 8 days away in this duffel bag but instead I have to stuff clothes into a box and mail to my mom to save $20. Doesn't sound like much, but $20 to a single girl living on her own is a tank of gas, a pedicure, hell that's two months of my gas bill! It's just very annoying to me that I paid $269 for a roundtrip ticket to see my parents and on top of that in order to take one suitcase I would have to pay an additional $50. What happened to the days when you paid for a ticket and got to take your suitcase with you for no additional cost?

Enough of my rant about the airlines. I hope everyone had a great holiday weekend! UGA won 55-7 in their season opener so that kicked off a wonderful weekend for me! And today is exactly three weeks until I'm in GA.

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