Wednesday, September 1, 2010

I'm a slacker

I have totally been slacking on the blog front. I spent my weekend with my noise buried in the best book I have read in a while. It's called Driven and is the autobiography of a Utah man named Larry H Miller who is a big entrepeneur here. I highly recommend it to EVERYONE. His story is very inspiring.

Currently I am enjoying my coffee before I have to go to work and start the chaos that I know is going to happen. We're getting a new system, which none of us know how to use, and it is not transferring our customer database from the old one. Guess who gets to input all those customers by hand, by herself?? Yep, I won!!! I got the Golden Ticket for that prize! Thankfully there is a three day weekend in sight and my BFF has promised wine and Edward!

To close it is FINALLY September. The weather is starting to cool off a little here and I am excited about fall. I love all the things that come with fall. Cooler weather, football season, beautiful scenery in the mountains, Halloween. Oh yeah, and I get to see the boyfriend in 27 days! It's gonna be a great month!

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